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Soccer Nutrition Handbook

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Soccer Nutrition Handbook

"This very interesting, readable and practical book is a must read for soccer coaches and players alike.  I continue to benefit from using the advice within the book as a source of reference for my collegiate and youth soccer players." Dr. Roy Patton, University of Mobile Men’s Soccer Coach, former professional player, 25 year college coach, 12-time Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year

"This is an excellent guide for athletes and those wanting a commonsense approach to nutrition. Whether you are a competitive soccer player or participant at the local fitness center this guide will help you understand what nutrition plan works for you. Full of excellent facts and meaningful counseling you will find it extremely readable and results achievable. The author's expertise, passion and humor is apparent. I use the advice given in this book daily and feel better for it." R. Balcom  Old Chatam, NY, Founder of East Greenbush Soccer Club, competitive club coach for 15 years, and former collegiate player

"Great book on sport nutrition.  Highly recommended for anyone involved in sports and wishes to take their game to the next level. More importantly, it will help build a fundamental foundation for nutritional health. Play stronger, longer and resist injuries better with the information available in this book. It is an easy to read book." R W Cross, Estes Park, CO. Marathoner and mountain climber

From Athletes and Coaches

"In the 15 years of our soccer camp, the EATING FOR ATHLETES seminar has had as much of a positive impact on our campers as anything we do on the field." J. Burch, Men's Soccer Coach - Centre College, Danville, KY

"Two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet Curt Thompson and he shared with me information that helped me lose 37lbs and changed the way I look at and think about food. This is by far the most beneficial nutrition lecture I have ever heard. Curt Thompson has the cutting edge lecture that will open your eyes and minds to the reality of our diets. Through my personal experience I now share this information with my athletes to help them in their sport and their lives." Michael Fulton, Women's Soccer Coach - Transylvania University , Lexington, KY

"Coach Thompson is a master at being able to breakdown difficult skills into more simple learning components. His players experience immediate growth in their technical skills due to his unique teaching methodologies. Combine that with his nutrition counseling and Coach Thompson brings out the best in players in both their personal and sporting lives, no matter what age." P. LeSueur - Former Professional player in the NASL, Administrator/Coach in the WUSA, Four time National Champion, and College Professor

"I want to personally thank you for giving the nutrition talk at Centre Soccer Camp two summers ago. It truly has made a difference in my life. I came home chatting up a storm about how much information I had learned. My mom was about two seconds away from duct taping my mouth. I sincerely thank you for sharing your wealth of information. I now eat a ton more vegetables than I used to, my mom and I make our own bread, and I've pretty much given up almost anything that isn't natural or very close to it. My mom and I go shopping together and read food labels. I just wanted to tell you that you have sincerely changed my perspective and even my doctor and my soccer coach have noticed differences in my speed, health, etc. Thank you for being at camp and for imparting your words of wisdom on myself. Thank you." R.Todd - High School Soccer Player, Georgetown, IN

"Curt Thompson is one of the best in teaching the game of soccer. He views the game as being very simple and does a wonderful job implementing both technique and tactics into his sessions. Players are motivated to play at their highest levels because of his passion and energy he puts into the practices. I have the utmost respect for his talents and his commitment. Coach Thompson is one of the main reasons why the Centre Women's Soccer Camp has record numbers every year." J. Hoffman, Women’s Soccer Coach – Centre College, Danville, Kentucky

"I met Curt Thompson about four years ago through the Centre Women's Soccer Camps in Danville, KY. After sitting down with Curt after camp this past summer (2004), I finally decided to take control of my nutrition and health. I changed my nutrition for the better by cutting fast foods, deep fried foods, sodas, and sweets from my diet. As a result I feel happier, healthy, and have more energy. In addition I have lost 10 lbs. since my nutrition change. Curt's enthusiasm and passion for helping people to discover the power of proper nutrition is both inspirational and contagious! He opened my eyes to the benefits of eating healthy and I have shared this knowledge not only my family, but with many of the athletes I work with today." J. Chisley - Girl's Soccer Coach - Boyle County Middle School, Danville, KY

"Coach Thompson opened my eyes to how poorly I ate and why I weighed what I did. After one year of eating well with no soda, almost no sugar, and no fried foods, I lost over 30 pounds. I can tell a difference in how I feel, how fast I am, how I play, and how I look. I not only felt better, but played better and my coaches noticed. I have Coach Thompson to thank for all of this and much more." R. Olds - FCHS Soccer, Frankfort, KY

From Business Owners and Employees

"The NUTRITION TO WIN seminar was extremely informative. My afternoon energy crashes are gone and I feel less stressed."
J. Rappaport, Child and Family Therapist - , Westminister, CO

"I used to have that 3:00 PM crash, the feeling I needed to take a nap or eat whatever juke food I could find. Now, my energy stays steady all afternoon and I get a lot more done at work. I knew I had to eat better but until hearing the Nutrition Coaches seminar, I didn't know how. Curt Thompson also spoke to my under 14 girls soccer team and their parents. Since then, many of the parents have noticed a significant improvement in their daughters performance both on and off the field."
R. Russo - Purchasing Manager and National licensed Soccer Co, Saratoga, NY

From Students and Teachers

"IF YOU HAVE EVER thought about having a nutrition speaker come to your school now is the time and Curt Thompson is the speaker to have. Curt's no nonsense interactive approach keeps students of all ages on the edge of their seats. My own kids heard the program and were as WOWED as I was. This program should be a must for every child in America, whether athlete or couch potato. Curt does a great job explaining and illustrating the mistakes we are making our diets today. And the statistics prove we are making mistakes. 65% Americans overweight or obese. We have got to make a change and hearing Curt speak has changed how the many here think about food as well as how we now choose to eat. Thanks Curt for opening our eyes." C. Eason - Sayre School, Lex., Ky

"The NUTRITION TO WIN seminar was by far the best nutrition talk I have ever heard, and I have heard many over the last 12 years."
T. Davis, Head Athletic Trainer - Mercer County High School, KY

From Families and Individuals

"As a parent, I’ve found a secret pleasure in seeing my daughter get the edge in competition by learning the simple life-long benefits of high performance nutrition." J. Roberts, Soccer Dad - , Boulder, CO

"The Nutrition to Win seminar gave me a foundation for not only my own health and fitness, but that of my children. As a parent I am responsible for feeding my entire family foods that will help them grow, learn, and physically thrive. I believe that in educating myself I raise healthy children that grow up to be healthy adults." J. Fox, Boulder, CO, Former Division I collegiate player player, National Amateur Champion, adult competitive player, youth coach and soccer mom