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Our Seminars:

  • Are customized to your organization’s needs - large groups or small, young or old
  • Empower the individual to take control of his/her health
  • Reveal just how powerful nutrition can be to your health, happiness, and performance
  • Are interactive and entertaining
  • Can be a great fund raiser

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"Two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet Curt Thompson and he shared with me information that helped me lose 37 lbs and changed the way I look at and think about food. This is by far the most beneficial nutrition lecture I have ever heard. Curt Thompson has the cutting edge lecture that will open your eyes and minds to the reality of our diets. Through my personal experience I now share this information with my athletes to help them in their sport and their lives. "

~ M. Fulton, Women's Soccer Coach - Transylvania University , Lexington, KY

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Nutrition Coaches offers specialized NUTRITION SEMINARS for athletes, teams, coaches, parents, students, and professionals from all walks of life. We also offer family nutrition counseling. Based on the science of Metabolic Typing, balanced blood sugar and eating whole foods, the concepts of functional nutrition are presented in a simple and interactive format without gimmicks or fad diets. The effects can be life-changing.


et and athletic performance For athletes of all ages and for their coaches and parents

  • Get the edge over your competition
  • Reduce injuries and recover faster
  • Build muscle and reduce fat

Athletes demand their bodies perform at intense levels, yet most don’t eat the foods that fuel their bodies properly. Our EATING FOR ATHLETES SEMINAR will teach you which foods enhance or diminish performance and how to eat right to meet the demands of your sport.


Public Speaking on Nutrition for Students For college and high school students and educators

  • Enhance mental clarity-improve your grades
  • Increase study session productivity
  • Look and feel better

The pressure to succeed academically can be overwhelming for many students today. Our EATING FOR STUDENTS SEMINAR will teach you how different foods affect your body and mind, which foods enhance or diminish mental clarity, what to eat before big exams, and how to avoid gaining the "freshman fifteen".


Nutrition Seminars for Businesses and CorporationsFor large or small businesses and their employees

  • Reduce stress and boost energy
  • Improve focus and increase productivity
  • Reduce sick days

The fast pace of the modern life has led to high stress, ill health, fatigue, and obesity. The CORPORATE NUTRITION SEMINAR will teach you and your employees how foods affect the body and mind, which foods to eat to optimize mental clarity during the big meeting, and how to avoid the dreaded afternoon energy crash.


Education on Good nutrition for youth groups, clubs, Church GroupsFor youth camps, book clubs, church groups, Scouts – any adult or youth event or social activity

  • A unique topic for your next meeting or book club gathering
  • Reach out to your community with the message of health
  • Makes a great fund raiser

When it comes to changing your nutritional lifestyle, having a support group can make all the difference. A group setting is a terrific way for you and your friends to learn the fundamentals of nutrition. Let NUTRITION COACHES help you choose a book and discussion topic for your next book club meeting; earn activity credits or badges; or coordinate a fundraiser for your organization.


Family Nutrition TipsFor individuals and families seeking private consultation

  • Take control of your family’s health and wellness
  • Build a foundation of health for you and your children
  • Learn how to select and prepare great-tasting, nutritious food.
  • Reduce behavioral problems and mood swings
  • Manage body fat

One in three children will become diabetic and obesity is rapidly overtaking tobacco as the number one cause of preventable death. Learn how to stay lean and healthy with a NUTRITION COACHES program designed just for you and your family. No gimmicks. No fad diets. Just whole-food nutrition and a solid understanding of the how food affects your health and happiness.

Our Nutrition To Win seminars can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. For large groups or small, our goal is to empower the individual to take control of his/her health and wellness with knowledge of how to eat and live well. Call us and arrange a seminar for your organization today.

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